Josephine Shields Recass

Associate: Behaviour Change and Capacity Strengthening Specialist

Josephine has just under 25 years of experience in the academic, government and humanitarian sectors. She has worked extensively with donor governments (including DFID, JICA, USAID/OFDA, CIDA, SIDA, and DFATD), the UN system, the World Bank and other major international and regional actors. Her technical skills include DRR/Resilience capacity strengthening, HIV/STI prevention, Leadership Development (coaching & mentoring), community engagement and Emergency & Disaster Management.

Her professional trajectory features a vast Red Cross/Red Crescent knowledge, experience and skills developed in various capacities devoted to the humanitarian cause as either part of the IFRC’s Secretariat office team or donor members such as the British Red Cross. Josephine’s background includes experience in the Caribbean Basin, MENA, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

She led the development of the IFRC’s research portfolio between November 2008 and August 2016, with the organization’s annual flagship publication, the World Disasters Report, being among her achievements.

Among Josephine’s qualifications are a B.Sc. In International Relations & Management, and an M.Sc. in International Management, both with honours. She is a member of the International Association of Emergency Managers, the IFRC’s FACT, the Excelsior High School Past Students Association, and ex Officio member of the Jamaican Association of Switzerland. She also has an interest in and supported work focused on Paraplegia research in her private time. She has an avid interest in the Arts, Sports and Cultural Diplomacy.

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