Donna Dupont

Chief Strategist, Foresight & Design

Donna Dupont is the Founder and Chief Strategist in Foresight & Design for Purple Compass.

She has over 20 years’ experience working in the health care sector. As a Registered Respiratory Therapist during the SARS crisis, Donna witnessed firsthand the health system challenges in responding to a novel infectious disease threat. This experience was a professional turning point and led to an interest in policy, strategic planning and emergency management. ​​

Donna has held a variety of roles within Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (ministry) in healthcare and emergency management. During her time at the ministry, she had the opportunity to support and lead transformational change projects. She is the recipient of several government awards at the provincial and federal level for her contribution to policy and strategic planning. Donna’s interests are at the intersection between climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and sustainable development. Her aim is to collaborate with communities and organizations, and use strategic foresight and human-centered design methods to empower and strengthen local capacity, health services, public safety and security.

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