Beverline Brown Smith

Associate: Environmental Specialist

Mrs. Beverline Brown Smith the President EPN Consultants Limited, is an Environmental Specialist with special interest in Social and Economic Impact Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment, Ecosystems Based Adaptation Strategies and Urban Planning. She has over 25 years of professional experience and has completed projects related to natural resources management, physical planning (land use planning), housing development, environmental management, natural resources management, climate change, ecosystem based adaptation, wastewater management, solid waste management, disaster risk management, biodiversity, coastal zone management, environmental impact assessment, program monitoring and evaluation, project management, economic and social infrastructure development, tender evaluation, socioeconomic impact assessment of major development projects, preparation of development plans and the management of environmental permit and environmental licence applications for development projects and for wastewater treatment plants.

Some of her over 175 consultancies include: Infrastructure Development Plan for Kingston (including wastewater treatment plants Social and Economic Impact Assessment of Sand Quarrying in the Yallahs, St. Thomas and Rio Minho River, Clarendon, Jamaica, Biodiversity and Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist on the USAID Evaluation Team for the biodiversity projects in Antigua and Barbuda and Dominica, the implementation of two pilot projects in disaster risk management in St. Kitts and Anguilla, environmental impact assessment projects, for example, Environmental Impact assessment for the Richmond Housing Development, St. Ann, Jamaica and Water Resources Inventory for the Water Resource Authority in Jamaica. She sets a high bar in performing consultancies a wide range of projects and these experiences have served to add value, to the satisfaction of her clients.

, Purple Compass